Sometimes you just need to ask heavyweight questions.  If you listen to Jason speak often enough you realize he seems to have a gift for that.

Recently in a training session for Syndicate members Jason asked one of his classics: “How can you expect to be a consistently profitable trader if you are not consistent in how you trade, in how you approach the markets day in and day out?” 

Sounds like a remarkably simple question?  Most heavy questions have that ring about them.  And most heavy questions require a heavyweight answer.

Ironically, asking a few more questions may help us arrive at a heavyweight answer.

 For example, you may ask, ok how do I gain consistency?

 In order to have consistency you need to have belief in a solid game plan. 

Ok, so how do I develop a solid game plan and how do I create belief in that plan?


RAW TRAINING comes from “practice, drill, rehearse”, from doing it over and over and over again, relentlessly, until its second nature.   Until it’s easy.  CAPISCE.

Ok, ok, how do I apply the principle of raw training to my trading? 

One effective way is to go lower, to go where the repetition is, where it’s so fast and intense  if you blink you miss out...  lower time frame trading!

Akil’s live trading room is designed to do just that. Harmonic events like bats, gartleys, ab=cd’s, crabs, bflys, etc. may sound exotic, but they consistently appear and offer you a clear edge.

Being in Akil’s room has inspired me to go lower and what I’m finding is blowing my mind.

However,  all the talk in the world can’t inspire as much as vivid examples of the real thing.  So here I have provided 13 or so lower time frame harmonic events caught by me in real time during the second week of March.

The purpose is to show you the incredible repetitive nature of these harmonic events and to impress on you how going to the lower time frame is an intense and quick way to engage in some raw training and some raw trading.

So bringing it full circle, in a nutshell, the heavyweight answer is:  Repetitive Raw Training!

Above is a trade we looked at last week in the Live Room. Obviously I'm a little late posting it (I'll explain why later) but it's pretty cool non-the less. What we have here is pretty simple, it's and ABCD pattern and well...another ABCD pattern. They key is they both completed at the same point (along with some other stuff). A you can see the market respected this point and the traders who entered this trade made some pretty good profit. 

So now the question is, why am I bringing this up so late? Just like you guys I've been working pretty hard behind the scenes and recently I was asked to become a contributor to "The 6 Figure Syndicate" program where master trader Jason Stapleton and I give some insider access to our thoughts on the market. Because I don't want to dissappoint our members 
Three charts to look at for today's Chart Talk entry. The first is a chart of a recent advanced pattern completion on a 4 hour chart. Ok, so know big deal right, we've seen these occur over and over again. Well this chart talk isn't about the actual completion of the pattern, rather how we got there.  The middle chart, is of the same pair yet on a much lower time frame. Yesterday in the Live Room we identified a bullish pattern that completed at ended up hitting our first targets.  Instead of picking a set second target to take profit off I decided to let the trade ride. Reason being, the advanced pattern on the higher time frame. Long story short we ended up taking a small trade on a lower time frame with a 33 pip first target and riding it for a 127 pip second target. Now to hopefully ride it back down and make money both ways.

The third chart is simply some eye candy that we identified in the room. Call it some more Market Art.