An interesting thing happened with a recent trade I took. The chart above was a chart of the EURAUD last week. If you've been keeping up with my post then you'll remember me saying that when identifying this trade opportunity I wasn't too excited about the setup. Regardless my rules said I had to enter so I went ahead and did it.  Long story short this double top high with divergence (above) morphed into a head and shoulders top, before rolling over for target 1, then gapping over the weekend putting me close to target 2. I don't know what to call it, and honestly I don't care. I had a valid entry reason at the start and after that the rest is out of my hands. I don't mind calling it luck or anything else as long as it keeps filling the account up.  But I just found it interesting to see once pattern morph into another in front of my eyes. 
My trading mentor Jason Stapleton of taught me the  most important goals in trading was not to go broke. With that goal constantly on my mind I am always looking for reasons to protect myself in the market. This chart represents a trade that I took on Tuesday maybe. I forgot my exact reasoning but I know it was valid since I got involved. I think it was and AB=CD at 2 Fibonacci points along with the obvious structure & RSI divergence that you can see in the chart. Anyway, back to the topic of protection. Last night I decided to check on this chart before going to bed and I saw that price action had broken and closed above the previous high. This pleased me because I was able to move my stops up from was initially around a 90pip stop to being a 50pip stop. When checking the charts again this morning I saw that another new high was created and was able to move my stops up again to what was break even for me putting me officially in the safe zone.  I call it the safe zone because at this point in this trade I can't lose money. Best case scenario, price keeps moving and I hit some profit targets. Worst case scenario, I get stopped out for break even and I avoid a losing trade. Either way it's free money i'm playing with now.  After about a year of trading I'm noticed that trade management and knowing how to correctly protect yourself in the market is probably more important than simply being able to identify trade opportunities.