Here is an example of a perfect Gartley on the USDCAD. If you look closely it hits 61.8, then 61.8 again then extends to 78.6 and 1.272 at the CD completion point. Simple Right?  (Sorry if I went fast i'm trying to rush so i can get back to day-trading).  I saw this early this morning when I opened up my 5min portfolio. I was about a half hour behind so I didn't catch it but I wanted to use it as an example to show how the same patterns form on all different time frames...Just a little faster that;s all. If you read my post from yesterday "A New Perspective" then your aware that I have recently made the change to doing some day trading on the five minute charts. Although this is the case there is no real difference between this and trading on the 240min like I'm used to. It's just that everything is happening with the fast forward button pushed.  For me that just means I have to be a little more focused.