Looking at this chart I really see nothing that is going on. I have nothing in my rules that would allow me to enter  this trade nor is there anything that strikes my attention. However, that doesn't mean that I can't draw out a little "What If's" and that's exactly what I did. Looking at the massive bull move I noticed a pretty strong trend line. I also noticed that it was recently broken which tells me the market is probably going to go down, which is the overall direction anyways if you zoom out to a higher timeframe. So in my mind I asked myself what would happen if the market decided to retest that trend line? Then I drew a Fibonacci retracement of the last move and discovered that a retest could possibly line up with not only the trend line but a 61.8 retracement as well. Then I drew a move back down assuming at least an AB=CD completes after the retest and saw that it would line up directly with a 1.272 Fib extension along with a 38.2 retracement of the larger move.  Will all of this happen? Who knows, maybe, probably not, it doesn't matter. the point is that if it does I'm prepared for it and have a game plan on how to act if it does.