Looking at the USDCAD I see multiple signals that give me a good reason to eventually get long on. I've been looking out for a Gartley pattern since December. It's not the prettiest thing in the world but it does offer a better risk reward ratio if it does complete. When looking my charts this morning i also noticed an AB=CD pattern that would complete around the same area. One of the things that moves the market it trader psychology, so seeing 2 different signals that complete at the same area, give me a little more confidence (not that it matters) that if price action does reach this point, it may turn around. 
10/20/2012 07:58:59

Hey Akil - I appreciate you sharing your experiences on your path to becoming a pro trader. I am where you were not long ago, planning my life so I can ultimately be trading full time for a living, so your websites along with the pro trader course have been extremely valuable resources for me.

My question is in regards to building the CTS score for a Gartley pattern similar to the setup above. Does the setup get points for a Gartley pattern, and other conditions that exist as part of the pattern (like ratio confluence and an ABCD pattern that is part of the Gartley), or does it just get a total of 3 points for the Gartley condition and any other conditions that exist separate from the Gartley pattern?

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