Hey guys, my friend Andre has blessed us once again with a few charts demonstrating how REAL market harmonics actually are.  The second chart shows a great example of how patterns form within, before and after other patterns. He had another example that was even better, but it involved the NEW Cypher Pattern which isn't available to the public let. Word on the street is that Jason Stapleton will be going over it in the International Traders Workshop this week. I'm not sure what day, but it ends on Friday. Anyway enjoy traders and a big thanks to Andre for scoping these out for us. 

Link to the International Traders Workshop http://triplethreattrading.com/rms2012/
5/16/2012 11:10:56

It is an art!!

Mark Royou-Compton
5/17/2012 01:20:43

amazing! just goes to show you can start out on 1 currency pair and 1 time frame and still have plenty of opportunities!!

thanks for sharing Andre and Akil!

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