Three charts to look at for today's Chart Talk entry. The first is a chart of a recent advanced pattern completion on a 4 hour chart. Ok, so know big deal right, we've seen these occur over and over again. Well this chart talk isn't about the actual completion of the pattern, rather how we got there.  The middle chart, is of the same pair yet on a much lower time frame. Yesterday in the Live Room we identified a bullish pattern that completed at ended up hitting our first targets.  Instead of picking a set second target to take profit off I decided to let the trade ride. Reason being, the advanced pattern on the higher time frame. Long story short we ended up taking a small trade on a lower time frame with a 33 pip first target and riding it for a 127 pip second target. Now to hopefully ride it back down and make money both ways.

The third chart is simply some eye candy that we identified in the room. Call it some more Market Art. 
3/1/2012 05:10:41

'Eagle Eyes Akil', that's your new nickname. :) Man I love that Market Art, have a few of those saved for later framing if I ever re-do my "office".

3/1/2012 05:29:12

That would be awesome, maybe after we're rich and bored of trading we'll focus on becoming market artists, where all of our paintings include charts or patterns and stuff. I hope nobody reads this and gets rich off the idea :-(

3/1/2012 05:37:21

LOL... that would be our luck.

3/1/2012 06:12:06

Sorry guys, I just finished production on my new series called "Gartley Marushka's" (lol)...Stretched canvas paintings andman they're selling like hotcakes. Roy, one day we're gonna meet up...when I come to Detroit. I'll make the trip from GR soon. Nice Akil.

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