I know this can't top the 16 chart post I put up the other day by one of my trading friends, but today I've got a few cool charts worth looking at. Above is a great example of how a trader can make a killing in the market once they truly understand market harmonics and advanced patterns.  While looking at this chart in the live room a few of our traders pointed out that not only did they catch the last pattern move but they also caught (going from left to right) the original bat pattern, bought it up for profit, then waited for the ABCD to complete and bought that up for profit, then finally sold the last pattern for profit as well. My trading mentor always told me that the amount of pairs you trade doesn't matter and that they're are traders that just do fine watching a single market on a single timeframe. This was a great example of how that could me done. 

Below is a second example of how understanding the market can pay off. Not just with finding trades to enter, but with predicting zones to take profit. On this pair below you'll see a few things, a channel and an advanced pattern completion. Personally, I'm not a channel trader, but that doesn't mean that I can't use it in my analysis to predict trades and profit areas. Aside from the channel you'll also notice the completion of an advanced pattern right at the bottom of the channel. Hmmm... could this be a good area to buy? HECK YEAH! Not only does the multiple setups give us more confidence and reasoning to buy, but knowing how channels and patterns work, we can then predict where the market wants to go and extend our take profit zone to...well I'm sure you can predict where. If not simply check out the the final chart below. Beautiful stuff!
2/16/2012 20:55:33

Hi Akil,

I hope when I grow up I'll be able to spot these set ups! I am truly amazed how powerful harmonics and ratio trading is. Thanks for the charts Akil. They are inspiring

6/29/2012 02:02:08

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