Throughout this week I will be writing a series of posts titled "3 Keys To Success." The objective isn't to narrow down 3 factors that will make you successful, rather simply to touch on 3 things that I feel are important to developing a successful mindset.  I firmly believe that success begins in the mind and in the heart.  Without the desire and will to become successful, you are lost. Good things just don't happen and success doesn't just come because you tell yourself you want to be. It takes action as well. A lot of people use the excuse of people getting lucky when they accomplish their dreams. What's not taken into account is the position that the person spend days, months or years putting themselves in that allowed them to take advantage of when an opportunity arrived. This isn't part of the three factors but I figured I'd give you more than a single sentence post.

So be on the lookout tomorrow for the first key and I hope you guys enjoy the randomness that shoots through my mind onto the screens you view. 

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