The third and final key to success in this series is persistence. The ability to not give in and keep going. I think that persistence should be used win, lose or draw. To me the word persistence wraps the entire 3 keys to success because in order to be persistent you must have the confidence to do so, and also the ability to forget about a recent setback. It's hard to keep getting up after being knocked down repeatedly but it's the only way you will ever move forward and give yourself the chance at success.  Michael Jordan has had plenty of bad shooting nights throughout his career. I'm not a statistician but I'm sure he's had nights where say he missed 7 out of his first 10 shots.  The thing is I have never seen MJ just quit and stop shooting and even on a bad shooting night, when there is one shot left to be taken in the game guess who demands the ball...Exactly.  And the thing is if he does make that game winning shot, then who out there remembers the 20 shots he missed in the first 3 quarters.   What's cool about life is that in many cases it only takes one time to succeed to overshadow your losses.  A golfer can shank his first 3 shots on a par five, but as long as he gets to the green on 4 and sinks a par putt on 5, who cares about the first 3. From a risk vs. reward stand point it's great. 

Lastly, persistence also deals with how you handle achievements as well, not simply setbacks.  It is just as important not to settle after a victory as it is to rebound after a loss.  After reaching a goal people often settle and relax which eventually puts them right back where they started. A great word to think about in this case is the word "Kaizen" which in brief means continuous improvement. I'll leave you with this last quote that is straight from the psychology section on my business plan. "I don't dream big, I think big and turn those thoughts into goals. I then turn those goals into achievements and those achievements plant the seeds to my new thoughts. I believe that people only fail because they give up before they have a chance to succeed..."

Thanks for reading this series and I apologize for any grammatical errors, i had to rush this post out this morning, busy day!

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