Yesterday my brother contacted me through facebook and brought up a very good point. His wife mentioned something to him about a "like" he left on another person's status that had an inappropriate word in it. The point was, that you have to be very careful at what you put your mark on as a future business person.  Even though people don't care now, they will in the future. When you do become established, your peers, competitors and just individuals in general will search for anything to bring you down, and/or make news. What you post on the internet stays there forever.

 Another thing that crossed my mind what the dilution of your message. Recently I became a member of twitter, and in a few days I developed a pretty good following. However, I began to feel like I was using it more like a chat forum than anything else. One of the people I follow is Drake (hip-hop artist) and he barely ever posts. However, this one particular night he wrote that he was going to post 3 things that night. Now these 3 things were not anything impressive at all, but the fact that he never does it made the anticipation for it great. It goes back to simple supply vs. demand.  

Make your words worth it, and people will cherish what you write. If you want to separate your business side from your personal side, do what i did and simply have multiple accounts  - I am Business

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Hello to all, and thank you for taking the time to read this post.
      For me the pat few months have been an emotional roller coaster. I started off on a high about six months ago, accomplishing more than I ever have at the job of my dreams. However, that accomplishment was bittersweet when reality struck by being informed that my contract would not be renewed a month later. While on unemployment during the summer I finished my graduate studies and received my Master's Degree from one of the most academically respected universities in PA.  After playing the "resume" and "job search" games, the accomplished feeling of having a master's soon faded. I soon grew tired of playing the waiting game and decided that I did not want my personal success to be depended on others.  I had a skill, and I decided to fine tune this skill and use it to bring myself financial freedom. 
     Have I been successful you ask?  Well that answer all depends on how you define success. No,I'm not rich, but I am surviving and I feel that i am progressing everyday, even if its only by a small margin. Do I have any regrets? Heck no! I am following a dream instead of sitting on my behind complaining about not being able to find a job. I started this webpage today because I know that they're many others out there in the same boat as myself and I would like to encourage you to follow your dreams as well. 

  Take your hobbies, take your skills, take your dreams and make it a business. Work for yourself and allow your self to work for you. thats what I do. And thats why I AM BUSINESS. And so are YOU!