On May 6, 2011 I graduated from college with my M.Ed.  However, prior to graduation I had already received my official degree in the summer of 2010, therefore technically I did not have to go to commencement. 

There were a few factors which played a role in why I did go to commencement and they are as followed: Family/friends, the experience, and closure.  I really wanted my family and friends to have the vision of me walking across the stage and receiving my award of accomplishment.  I believe this experience is something they will remember for the rest of their lives.  Second, I wanted to create my own personal experience and graduate with a Masters Degree from the same school I received my undergraduate degree and reunite with past classmates and faculty/staff.  Finally, I wanted to end this chapter in my life and move forward so I wanted “closure”. 

Closure is great feeling if achieved; to know a task one has set is completed is pivotal in order to progress.  Having no closure could leave too many questions/doubts with no answers and have you wondering “what if”…

Since I have closure from graduate school and receiving my M.Ed. I can move forward onto setting and accomplishing new goals I set for myself.

Don’t leave any business, work, relationship etc unfinished you do not want to live in doubt.  Complete all task set forth with the same drive and energy you started them, trust me you will feel “complete” 

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