In order to be successful in anything you do in life, you must be a winner. Let me rephrase that, in order to be successful you must have the winners mindset.  Anybody who knows me knows my belief on success is the only reason people aren't successful is because they give up before giving themselves the chance to succeed.  If success was easy, then everyone would accomplish all of their goals. But the fact of the matter is, it's not and therefore many people do not. Of course there are numerous factors out of our control and can affect whether we are successful or not. But in general, I think that many people simply don't have the mindset that it takes to win and don't like putting themselves through the pain of winning.  yes the pain of winning.  I say this because if you're going to win, you usually have to lose first. We've all heard the saying, take one step backwards then two forward.  Well, usually that step backwards hurts and most people don't want to put themselves through that pain so they quit. However, a person with the winning mindset will look at that step backwards as a chance to gain perspective on the situation, see what they did wrong, then attack it away the right way.

                In order to win, you must approach your goal with the mindset of winning.  Ask yourself this question. When your teacher asks you do write a report on a subject, do you simply write a report? Or do you write a report that includes pictures and graphs or anything else that future explains your topic? The difference between the two is asking yourself "when I'm given a task do I simply just do what I have to do to get the job done? Or do I try to improve each time, not because I was asked to, but rather because I want to. That may have not been the best example but I hope I got my point across. We can even take a sports example and look at NFL quarterbacks. The two best QB's in the NFL are Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Do they both have the strongest arms...No. Are they the quickest most agile players at the position...Heck No! The difference between them, and the reason for their success is that they spend the most time reviewing film and preparing for each game. No this isn't required, but they know that if they want to get better, it is something they have to do. Michael Vick was an amazing QB in Atlanta, but he only relied on his god given abilities and never pushed himself to get better, therefore he was stuck as a good QB, but never a great QB.  Good doesn't make the Hall of Fame. Great does.

                A word that I learned a few years ago that I've grown to love and model my life after is the Japanese word "Kaizen". Kaizen in short means continuous improvement.  After the WWII while Japan was rebuilding their economy, they used this word in their factories. They didn't look to go from zero to hero in one day, or even one year. Rather they told themselves that if they can become 1% more efficient each day over the last, then they were taking steps in the right direction. 

                Each day I wake up, I ask myself, "how can I become better today, than yesterday?"  Try it for a month and see if it works for you.  The goal in life is to progress in whatever you do. However if you simply settle and become stagnant then what's the point of doing that task at all?

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