This piece is focused on “who is in your company” which is a post I wrote a while ago. 

People enter our lives for a reason; sometimes they enter our life for the long term and some for short term either way there is a purpose behind those relationships.  If you ever heard the saying everything is not for everybody it is the same when it comes to the people in your life “not everybody is for everybody” some people just do not fit into your life for a number of reasons education, attitude, career, health, spiritually, physically, mentally, socially and more.  If people do not benefit your life in some way you need to remove them because they will only drag you down.  The ideal relationship rather it be friends, lovers, co-workers, or teammates you want you partner to complete you.  For example the creators of “iambussiness” are two of my best friends however they both have skills and abilities that I lack and on the flip side I have skills and abilities they lack which makes for a great “fit” the both of them complete me and allows for each of us to learn and benefit from one another.  

In a previous piece I wrote about positive peer pressure and shared how I compete against others in a positive way, which encourages both parties to be better.  I want to add that you should never measure your successes to successes of others.  It is great to compete but compete against yourself to be better not against anyone else because anyone else do not matter.  I make a conscious effort to be better than I was yesterday everyday.  Whatever it is you do try to be better at it than you previously were you never want to end your day where your day started.

“Everyone has greatness in them but not everyone is great, you must unlock that greatness from within” Devon Rembert

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