On January 18, 2011 I woke up and rolled out of bed like any normal day. I eat breakfast as I prepared to go to the gym as I do every morning. Once I got to the gym I did my usual warm up and light strength in preparation to do some back squats. I do a few warm up sets to get the blood flowing and warm my muscles. On my first set of 8 of 315lbs I squatted down and on the way up I felt a sensation never felt before in my lower back, but like most people I thought to myself “oh it’s not that bad” one hour later I was not able to walk in strides of more than 6 inches apart and there was pain shooting up my back and down my legs. It was at this point I felt most vulnerable and weak to the point I could not protect myself if needed. 

The purpose of me sharing this short story with you is because there are too many things in life we as people take for granite and do not take the time to embrace and acknowledge all that we do have, so much energy is wasted on what we don’t have (the crazy part is if we had the things we don’t we still would not be satisfied). I believe one who spends more time focused on what he/she has will obtain more than the one who focuses on what they do not have…

1/21/2011 01:45:05 am

I completely agree. I had an incident happen that really made me put everything into perspective. It's just unfortunate that it takes situations like that for people to reevaluate things and realize what they've taken for granted for so long.

1/21/2011 02:40:48 am

Hey Jamica,I just wanted to personally thank you for supporting the site and I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I noticed that you said you recently had a similar experience. If you would like to, feel free to share your story and I will put it on the site. Thanks again for the support!

1/21/2011 08:41:41 am

Meek Milli,

You are absolutely right, it is unfortunate. Now that we are aware of our ignorance we must find a way to refocus and learn to appreciate what we have been blessed with. For starters from time to time I try to do some self reflecting to continue to create a self-awareness about what I have going for me in my life. Most people find it difficult to critique themselves but find it too easy to critique others.

Nikki R
1/26/2011 03:31:52 am

After breaking my hip, this topic was all too familiar for me. If people become so focus and consumed in what they don't have or (in my case for a while) what they cant do, then they aren't going to get anywhere. At least not anywhere far. Everybody takes something for granted at some point in their lives, but sometimes just seeing what OTHERS take for granted can help you realize what YOU have and it helps you to appreciate the things in life. You guys are doing a wonderful job. Keep it up! I'm very proud :-)

1/27/2011 06:38:28 am

Akil: It's not a story I like to tell often but 2 years ago I was diagnosed with something called Lupus. It just really changed my whole perspective on life and I learned to appreciate the simplest things.

Dev: I think I'll try doing some self reflecting.


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