Over the past 2 years I have been dealing with some internal conflicts, which shall remain
private. Needless to say but these internal struggles has been taken its toll on me.

Day in and day out when we are in the public eye we have been conditioned to wear a
façade but when behind close doors reveal our true feelings and expressions. The word
façade originated in France and is an architectural term, which means to show the front of
the building or the side of the building most public to the eye.

Now that so many of us have mastered the ability to perpetuate the façade everything
looks to be good from the outside. Let's be REAL, we are all human beings and we have
emotions, and sometimes our emotions get the best of us. “Occasionally as human beings
we have a bad day, the key is to not have back-to-back bad days”.

Working in a social environment and providing a service to people can be exhausting. It
is not providing the service that’s exhausting as much as it is hiding your feelings from
being detected. Showing only your façade is a unique skill that not everyone has the
ability to do. At the same time being too skilled at putting on the front could hinder
your ability to be successful in conversation, relationships, interactions etc. because if
you're always calm, cool, and collective it could come off as you have no personality, lack of
authentically, or not being REAL.

So you can see the dilemma many people may find themselves in… let me paint you a
picture. Vision a duck in a pond floating across the water, now look below the surface
and you will see the ducks webbed feet paddling vigorously…that is how too many
people in our world walk the streets. On the outside very well put together but on the
inside there is a lot going on struggles, hardships, pain, fear etc.

What I have learned to do when I may feel like not putting my façade on display. I find
a place where I can be me…that could mean I find a place to cry, I find a place to reflect,
I find a place to breath, or I find a place to pray! Whatever you need to do to have that
peace at mind and let it out…do it. Holding it in only will prolong the process and could
contribute to health problems as well.

In the last 2 years I have learned a lot about myself as a man and a human being, one
lesson I have learned is “you must be real with yourself one cannot put on a façade for
self when the self is the creator”.

Thanks for listening…
4/11/2011 04:00:12 am

I can definitely relate Dev.


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