You never know where knowledge may hide.

                Today has just been one of those days. :-( I've been feeling under the weather, it's the middle of the week,  and to top things off it is snowing.  This morning I got a message that the college I work at is closing early, therefore I didn't have to go in to work later. When I got this message the first thing that came to my mind was, 5 years ago I would have been jumping up and down celebrating, thinking about what video game I'm going to play all day. Or even better, "let me take my behind back to sleep." But today was a little different. What came to my mind today was "yes!  I have more time to research and master my investment craft."  I don't know what it is (maybe it's a survival issue) but I always ask myself how can I get better?  How can I achieve the things I see my mentors achieving?  The answers are more knowledge and hard work.

                This brings me to a conversation I had with one of my closest friends the other day. We talked for a while about how when he goes into work, he doesn't just do what's asked of him, he's always networking and trying to talk to others. Does he have a reason for this? No. But he understands that the world (along with his goals) are much bigger than his desk and computer. He knows that knowledge is out there. But it just won't knock on his door and say "what's up", he has to go out and uncover it and sometimes it's hiding in the strangest places.  To this day I believe that I've learned much more from talking to others and going through my own successes and failures than I did in college. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking college or anything, school is cool (me giving the thumbs up with a kool aid smile), but sometimes talking to a real person that lives that experience is the best knowledge you can receive.  Sometimes a person can make one comment that opens up a world of thought for you, weather they meant it or not.

                To get back on track, today I started reading and watching a lot of videos on the various investment markets, fully knowing and accepting that half of the stuff I hear (especially on youtube and google searches) will be BS or just plain non-credible. However, out of the blue I heard one little piece of information, and idea, that got me thinking. And from that one idea I was able to create something that may help me out in my trading. And that made it all worth it.

"Trying to find a needle in a haystack is almost impossible . Not trying to find it takes that almost away." - P

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