This piece was inspired by an experience I had with a student while interviewing for a position in the department.  During the interview the interviewee ask me “What did you have to do in order to get to where you are because I want to be like you”.  I remained professional and answered his question in the best way I could.  

Intent is ones purpose and impact is ones influence on an outcome.  In my profession my intent is to provide a service for students (purpose) my impact is creating a healthy life style for students as well foster an inclusive environment (influence).

In this case I did not realize my impact on him/her until they expressed how they were feeling.  At that point I realized he/she has been watching my every move in an attempt to indentify with me in hope to reach my current status over time.  My intent was to conduct an interview (purpose) the impact was the student had been using me as a role model (influence)

In my 2 years in my profession I never would have thought I would have such a great impact on the students I come in direct contact with.  However, that is the problem with intent vs impact, too many times WE do not realize OUR impact on people. 

People must realize they impact others everyday from the time you say hello to the time you say good-bye you are creating an impact and in some cases a life changing impact.

With that being said, as educators, mentors, coaches we need to be sure our intent is well defined and thought out and our impact is a positive one!  A positive intent + A positive outcome = A positive experience which in turn is a continuous energy and has the potential to spread to others.

I believe when one finds their passion in life he/she will embrace the influence they have on others. 

6/24/2012 06:42:30 pm

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