I wrote this piece after lying on the couch for days being extremely sick with a virus. During that time I was fully aware of the upcoming in-class test for my online statistics class and how the date kept creeping closer and I still felt no better.

Let me step back and describe my relationship with statistics, being an Econ major I have a love hate relationship with stat. I love how clean they lay everything out with order and sense, but man do I hate how hard they are to process! I have had 3 courses with “statistics” in the name somewhere and countless others that relied on them through my education.  I always did okay in my stat classes but never hit the home run if you will and I was headed into this class with the mind set of “here we go again time to grind it out for another so-so grade”.

Flash back to my couch two days before the test. Feeling as bad as ever I sit up open my computer and begin to complete the spreadsheets, knocking out three in just a few hours, which is more than I had ever completed in a day previously. I made it to test day with all my spreadsheets complete and the test was about as tough as I expected so I flip to the back page where I know I can always find a joke from the Prof and I laugh.

 It is then that I realize I just laughed after being sick for more than 5 days, fighting a class that is a just a slow grind, and even being stung by a bee in my truck. I realized there is no other place I would rather be right now, I was on a low with a chance to suck it up make no excuses and just get it done, challenge accepted!

I completely changed my view of the situation and because of that my situation completely changed. The “grind for a so-so grade” just became a chance to prove that I can blow this test and class away. I quickly go back to my test and realize that I know all of this.

The whole point of my post is that “perception is reality”. My perception went from love hate to I love to hate statistics, I love the challenge it offers; and that has made all the difference. I challenge you to go find something you hate to do and find a way to love it.

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