The mind is powerful and has the ability to retain information such as memories, experiences, pictures/images, feeling, emotions as well as control of the body both physically and mentally. 

There have been times in my life where I told myself I was going to fail and sure enough I failed but on the other hand there have been times I told myself I was going to be successful and sure enough I was successful. For those of you who don’t fully believe in the power of the mind you will not achieve your full potential, you may be successful but not as successful as you could be if you believed. You can try to act like you are successful by wearing expensive suits, driving luxury cars and using education etc but if your mind is in the wrong place you will always be pulled back to where your mind is…its like a yo-yo with just a flick of the wrist the yo-yo will extend and with another flick will come back to where it started. The same goes for your mind, you need to exercise positive thoughts on a regular basis and speaking positivity will keep the mind full of great energy. 

I ask that you gain control over your thoughts, gain control of what you allow to enter and leave your mind, gain control of the people you allow in and out your life and gain control of what you speak into the atmosphere… at that point you will gain control of your life.
6/1/2012 01:49:55 am

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