Yesterday evening I had the honor of being a guest at a business meeting of America's number one selling brand.  Now before you jump to any conclusions, no I wasn't there to join them, nor was I there to speak. Being the business minded person I am, I was simply there to observe, learn, and most importantly support my fiancée who was involved in the meeting. During the meeting I heard a very interesting story. One of the group members recalled a time where they were struggling and felt as if their business was stuck and going nowhere. She then called up her superior in hopes of getting some advice on how to improve, thinking to themselves that she would be given all of the right answers to instantly fix her problems. As the superior drove up in her fancy car, the women greeted her eager to make this quick fix. As she explained her issues to the superior, hoping to receive pity for her situation, the superior responded with a single question; "well what are you going to do?" The women responded "work harder I guess" and that was the end of the meeting.  This story really hit home with me as I was able to easily relate it to my trading journey. Just like in her business, there was a set way to achieve success in trading. Nobody promised it would be easy, and nobody promised it would be quick, but it was proven that if you follow the steps laid out, success would eventually be mine. The only variable involved was how bad I wanted to be successful and how hard was I willing to work in order to achieve it. 

After graduating from The Pro Trader Course, I was given not only the tools to succeed, but I was able to build a plan that if followed correctly would lead me to success. Again, it wasn't easy and it wasn't quick, but it was proven. Like many other rookie traders, I tried to shortcut my plan and I ended up getting bit in the butt because of it. There is a reason it's commonly said that it takes a trader at least 6 months to become consistently profitable, and most of it has nothing to do with technique or strategy.  After a massive failure, I decided to start over from scratch and follow my plan step by step and what do you know, I've had success ever since. 

I learned the hard way that there are no shortcuts to success and if you follow your plan then the only thing separating failure from success is how hard you're willing to work.  Remember trading isn't like playing a professional sport where at the end of the day you have to be born with a certain level of genetic ability to make it to the highest level. Making it as a trader depends all on you. I'll leave you with this story. In high school I was one of the best football players in my state. However, one of the main reasons I didn't get many scholarship offers from big time colleges was because of my height.  I literally had a coach tell me "son if you were 3 inches taller, we'd love to pay for you to come here."  Yes I probably could have tried to walk on to the team, prove myself through practice and workouts, gained a starting position and eventually go pro. It's a long shot but who knows, it could've happened. The point is, I didn't and in hindsight I probably used what that coach said as an excuse not to. It's sad to say this but failing is much easier than succeeding and many of us are just looking for an excuse to justify quitting. In professional trading there are no excuses. Either you want to be good or you don't. 

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