•An appropriate or favorable time or occasion
•A situation or condition favorable for attainment of a goal
•A good position, chance, or prospect, as for advancement or success

July 1, 2009 I was given an opportunity in which my life changed, this was the day I started my career in Higher Education at the University of Massachusetts. As I progressed through college and gained knowledge and a better understanding of my purpose it became clear to me I wanted to work in the health/fitness department at a University/College. In grad school I pursued to work in campus recreation for one year, in that year I was like sponge soaking up all the information possible (professional development opportunities, workshops, state/regional/national conferences, socials etc). By time I completed my one and only year of experience in campus recreation I had the same amount if not more knowledge as a person who was there for 2 years. 

I applied to multiple jobs all across the country from Massachusetts to California. The only University that gave me a chance was UMass, this was the one and only opportunity I had to do what I loved. I never thought I would visit let alone live in Massachusetts but July 1, 2009 started my new life.

Since being a staff member at UMass for 2 years I have increased my knowledge of the field, improved as a young professional, and created a change in culture in my department.

What I am saying is when opportunity comes it does not wait for anyone nor would it present itself to one if he/she were not ready to take it on. Doors open up every day in our world; it is up to you to walk through those doors.

Thanks for reading my story of opportunity

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