Anyone who knows me will tell you I am an emotional human being and I am very invested in creating relationships with others. I find it very difficult to not make friends with people; I owe this to my parent’s thanks mom and dad! This idea came from some self reflecting I just got done doing so here we go…

Passion- A strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire about anything, any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling. Like I stated earlier I am an emotional human being which makes me very passionate at times. I work directly with college students and I have come to realize they (the students) are why I continue to strive for excellent and achieve all I can achieve. I wake up every day looking forward to going into work to engage in conversations and experiences with the students. I put my heart on the line on a regular basis which is why I believe I am able to connect with multiple people from all types of diverse backgrounds on levels above and beyond. Along with having this “Passion” for what I do in my career I have developed many “Pleasures”.

Pleasure- Enjoyment or satisfaction derived from what is to one's liking; gratification; delight. I LOVE my job! I have experienced so many joys and pleasures in impacting some one’s life in a positive way either with inspiration, motivation, or giving one an opportunity he/she may have never had. One who invests their heart into something will always apply a great amount of energy into whatever it is. With “Pleasure” there comes “Pain” and no matter the pain it never gets easier to face.

Pain- Mental or emotional suffering or torment. As you know usually when one puts their heart on the line at some point he/she will get hurt and feel pain. Being as though I find myself to be an emotional person pain is something I am all too familiar with however pain has never stopped me from continuing to put my heart on the line. I believe emotional pain only exists when one cares…with that being said it is obvious I care about my job and the students I work with. Some of the pains I endure come from uncontrollable situations, example a student is not performing well in class and has poor grades or student is unable to return back to college due to personal/financial issues. Most people in my position may not care but because I am emotionally invested in my relationships with the students/staff/faculty it matters to me.

The reason for my story was to share how emotionally connected to my career I am in hopes to bring awareness to people about working in a career you have a passion for, it will bring you many joys and is self-fulfilling. Do not settle for the “next best thing” or something you are “comfortable” with, do what makes you happy and I am sure the rewards will outweigh everything else.

Thanks for listening to my story.
2/1/2011 02:53:18 am

Powerful story DR & as always appreciated. The discussion we had yesterday clearly shows that you ARE what you speak so highly about. I'm working on that myself day-by-day as I currently work in a place that does not bring me happiness, creates unnecessary stress, and allows no room for mental growth. I'm clearly excited about the path that I AM taking though as one day I will move from this JOB into my CAREER. Thanks for sharing.



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2/1/2011 05:59:27 am

It's great to know how much you care and that you're so passionate about what you do. I try to never settle for less than what makes me happy. I hope that when I'm finished I end up doing something that is just as fulfilling for me as working with us is for you.

2/1/2011 06:04:03 am

I am glad you enjoy my story bro! I AM excited for YOU, after the convo we had last night you are already on the right path. Stay focused on the positives and you will never have a negative.

2/1/2011 06:07:20 am


If I did not have the passion for what I do, I would not be nearly as successful. As long as you never settle and you continue to strive to find your passion you will have great success no matter what.

Thanks for the support Meek!


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