When finally retiring from my computer around 10:30 last  night, I laid in my bed watching an episode of 30 rock while texting my girlfriend And that's when it hit me...I realized that I am happy (despite my dire financial situation).  You would think that I would have noticed  this earlier but it was something about the series of last night's events that really allowed me tohave this epiphany and truly  embracethis feeling. I was happy.

                 At 5:00pm I drove through the icy streets on my way to the weight-room to meet my athletes for a lifting session. Coaching Track & Field at a local University had been my job for the past 3 years,but recently my contract expired and I was unable to be retained. I am now a volunteer who puts in very similar hours, but of course without a paycheck. Like anybody I would prefer to be paid but I love what I do and am committed to the team and the University through thick and thin. Although yesterday's practice was short I was able to assist a few athletes with some recent problems they were having and followed that up with a good conversation involving the head and assistant coaches.  Usually by this time at night I'm ready to collapse since my work day starts early in the Am, but last night I felt full of energy. And that's when it hit me... this job has everything that I'm looking for. I am involved in sports, I get to affect a young athletes life both on and off the field of competition, and I have colleagues that I enjoy talking to and socializing with. I was happy. 

                When I reached home and checked the mail I was pleased to see that I had a new Netflix DVD arrive. Like a kid on Christmas I opened it up and to my delight it was the movie "The Town" which I had been waiting for.  It was about 7:00pm so at that point I told myself,  "I'm going to cook a good meal, get my half hour of reading in, then watch this movie and fall asleep."  All was going according to plan, until I opened up my book. (The book I was reading was related to my business, so it wasn't a pleasure read for-say but I take pleasure in reading it).  After simultaneously reading the book and relating its content to my investment charts at home, I realized that about an hour had passed. I kept telling myself to shut everything down and pop the movie in, but I couldn't stop.  I felt that I had learned so much in the few pages that I read and I had to related to some real-time data. Long story short I ended up looking through charts foranother hour and a half. And that's when it hit me... I knew that my recent venture in to small business ownership was going to work. It was going to work because I love what I do and with a passion like that I knew that no matter how hard times may be I would never give up and that I would always strive for excellence. Usually with a job, you do three things (tell me if I'm wrong). Clock in...Clock out... Then complain when you get home.  But with this venture I find myself trying to learn and improve with every free moment I have.  (As I told my bro yesterday instead of I AM Business, I should be called I AM NERD). Luckily I have a very strong CORE from a network of friends . And most of all my girlfriend supports my numerous hours as I hunt for perfection. She may have no idea at what I'm doing but she supports and she can see that I was happy.

                After finishing up with my charts I decided to check on the website and see how all of the updates were going.  I was very delighted to see that my brother Gee was able to get the music set up and I was really feeling the vibe and how everything was looking. I also started going  through  the many compliments and comments that we've been getting since the website was developed And that's when it hit me... I said to myself "wow, people are really feeling what we're doing.  People are really embracing this movement and we're really changing lives."  

I guess you can say last night I had an epiphany. Needless to say I got a really good sleep.  I was happy. 
2/3/2011 01:48:33 am

Very Inspirational Story! It has inspired me to write one of my own. Some that has been on my mind & couldn't figure out how to put it into words. Thanks for sharing this & I'm glad to hear that the seeds that are being planted bring such energy to you, that what you do brings such a great feeling, and that the strong CORE is there. Keep doing what you're doing bro!

2/3/2011 03:16:09 am

Brotha Akil this stroy is a reflection of how I feel everyday (Pleasure, Passion, Pain). There is no telling where you can go once your heart is involved in your work, the possiblities are endless!


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