A few months back I sent a message to my team royalty family that included a quote: “happiness is a motivation, not a destination”. The message talked about not dwelling on the little things that may not go your way and to focus on the bigger picture. Everything that happens is a stepping stone to our personal greatness. For example, taking some extra hours on the job you hate could give you the money needed for that new suit to the interview for the job of your dreams. Recently however, there were some events that caused me to forget that.

I have been working at my current job for the past three years. I love it because I’m passionate about it and I get along well with my co workers. The only downside was that I was not full time, but I figured if I performed at my best I would get a full time slot. When the opportunity arose I ended up losing it to a co worker who was a good guy but not as experienced as I am. A month later another opportunity arose for a management position. I figured that I was a shoe-in for this given my experience level and the low number of other applicants. Needless to say I was a little shocked to find that that I not only didn’t get the position, but it was given to the same co worker they had given full time to a month prior. I decided to focus on the positive and go for the full time slot that would be free once again, only to be denied for a third time. After that I struggled for a while, trying to make sense of the situation and deal with my emotions at the same time. I talked to many friends and family members for the advice that go me through and helped me continue at my job with a smile.

It was at that job that I ended up running into a friend of mine. We were talking and he asked me how everything was going. I told him about the recent disappointments I’ve been having and how I got through them. He then told me about his new job and how he was looking people to hire for part time assistant manager; they even had openings at a location close to home. I met with the manager at the local location and scheduled an interview. The interview went really well so I thought my chances of getting the position were high, my doubt started to kick in when I didn’t receive a call within the first three days that next week. I ended up receiving a call on the fourth day and was offered the job! They told me the reason it took longer was because they decided to offer me the FULL TIME ASSISTANT MANAGER POSITION. After the call, I truly felt excited, appreciated and genuinely happy. It was at that moment that I remembered the message that I sent my TR family. I realized that I had put extra stress on myself by not following my own advice. If I weren’t denied those times before I wouldn’t have ended in a totally better situation now. Feeling inspired, I sent out a new message celebrating my excitement and I came up with a new quote to add: “sometimes we answer the door thinking its opportunity, when really its patience telling us to hold on because greatness is on his way” I make a make point to remember this for further motivation when I need it; as well as remembering to practice what I preach.

10/7/2012 03:41:38 pm

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