So it's been a while but after a lot of requests I've decided to bring back this blog.  When I started moderating the T2T Live Room I figured it would be pointless to have 2 blogs on trading, but as I sat back and thought about it, although they both deal with trading as a whole, they both deal with totally different subjects. The purpose of "From the Live Room" is to give a recap of trades taken and lesson learned within the live room, while "Follow A Pro Trader"...well... follows my journey as a trader as well as an entrepreneur.  

The decision to bring this blog back came yesterday while grabbing a bite to eat at a local Sheetz.  I had just returned from Barne's & Nobles where I where I was on a quest to find a new book relating to business marketing. Although I didn't find a book that fit my desires, I did read a few chapters in a couple of books that gave me some good inspiration. Thinking about what I had read encouraged me to bring back this blog, but it wasn't until I finished reading "The Babylon Report" (www. ) a few hours ago, that I knew I had to get back to writing about business. After all that's how this site started out. 

Much has changed since I originally started this blog.  At first my goal was to make trading my business simply by growing my account and managing others.  During that time period (as my followers from day one know) I have had many trials and tribulations. Documenting these adventures has not only given me a place to vent and clear my mind, but it also gave others out there like me a chance to learn and relate.  Because my story can relate to so many others out there I began to pick up a lot more followers than I expected as well as make a lot of new friends along the way. Fortunately for me, my words (and the comments left by readers such as yourself) allowed me to gain the attention of my trading mentor. The same man that showed me how to be a successful trader, gave me the opportunity to share my journey through his various networks. Between that, and the actual hard work it took to become a good trader I am rethinking my overall business plan. 

I have recently been put in the position where I act as a moderator of a Live trading room. I don't want to call myself a teacher, because I believe teaching a skill such as trading is and in order be good at it I need to be at an entirely different level from where I'm at now. But I will say this, that I feel as if I'm sort of a consultant or at least a role model to many of the novice traders in the room. Being on the education side of thing is something I never expected to do, but you know what, I really enjoy it and feel like I'm getting better at it each day (Kaizen).  I love the feeling of people people saying I helped them out because deep down that's what brings me joy.  

I'm excited to bring this blog back because at the end of the day I've always had a business like mind and when the wheels start turning I like to share. 
2/3/2012 12:05:45 pm

It’s wonderful to have this blog back Akil. Having followed you for some time, it has been exciting and inspirational to be able to observe the metamorphosis as you have grown and cultivated your trading and livelihood into what it is today. I recognize that the sharing of your thoughts and insights is a profound developmental tool you utilize, and in doing so have taken many of us along on that journey with you. Your posts here are beyond mere education, but more so as the yielding of wisdom and the catalyst of self reflection, traits as viable in life as they are in trading. The same traits you project everyday in your live room. Label it a moderator, a consultant, or an educator, the bottom line is you are a mentor and a role model who sets an amazing example for others, and especially myself, to strive to follow.

2/3/2012 03:32:00 pm

Thanks Akil. I agree with Roy, I see you as a mentor, as I do Jason. Can't wait to read more.

2/3/2012 09:20:21 pm

Thanks guys!!!

2/4/2012 06:55:48 pm

Goodaye Akil,
While I am pretty sure Roy summed it up.
As much as this website is a motivation to you. It is an inspiration to others, to have someone who is motivated to continue with something that takes up their time when they have taken on other projects since starting their journey is something that goes beyond the Norm. Well done Akil

6/7/2012 06:11:47 pm

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