If you've been following this years Men's Division I NCAA Basketball tournament then you know how crazy the brackets have been. In fact I believe that ESPN said there were only about 2 brackets out of the millions filled out on there site that still have the Final Four in tact. One of the reasons things are so messed up is because the 12th seed Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Rams have been creating upset after upset in stunning fashion. Obviously because of this stunning run they have been getting a lot of recent coverage. And me being the "sports junkie" I am, I've heard it all. 

Yesterday they did a piece on VCU's coach Shaka Smart, and I found out something very interesting. Out of high school Coach Smart had the opportunity to go to various prestigious schools including Yale and Harvard. However he turned down the Ivy League opportunity to play college basketball at a smaller school named Kenyon College.  Obviously, I don't know Coach personally, but I can guess that he received a lot of criticism when making this decision. I mean who turns down a chance to go to an Ivy League school? Isn't that the American Dream? Well not for him. His dream was to play and eventually coach college basketball and he followed those dreams and didn't look back.  I'm sure there were periods in his life when he questioned his decision, but at the end of the day he had his mind set and he was in it to win it.  Now at only 34 he's one of the hottest college basketball coaches on the market.

Coach Smart shares the same motto as the TRmovement. "Dive Into Your Dreams, and Don't look Back."  He did so and it paid off big time.  I had a similar conversation with my brother/co-producer of this site and he mentioned the same thing. I wasn't questioning the decision I made to start my own business, rather I was getting a little impatient with my success.  He told me that I already made the jump and now I have to see it out. Also, he mentioned that good results take time and that I just need to keep pushing.  I think Shaka Smart is a great example of a person that shocked the world, not because of his success in the tournament, rather the path he choose to get there.

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