Support: 1) to bear or hold up, serve as a foundation for. 2) to sustain or withstand without giving way. 3) to undergo or endure, especially with patience.

Having support is a very important key to success, if not the greatest. As the definition above states, support means to serve as a foundation and like with anything, a strong sturdy foundation is the most important part of a house or building.  I've had the idea of writing a post about support for a while now, but I wasn't quite able to word it the way I wanted to until now.

Last week I traveled alongside my fiancée to the annual Mary Kay seminar in Dallas, TX.  She is an independent beauty consultant and the four day seminar not only gave her a chance to be recognized for the hard work she has put it within the last year, but also give her a chance to network with peers and learn tips on how to progress in her business. With over ten thousand women in attendance it's needless to say that men were in the minority by far which was interesting to see. It's not often that you see men not only being outnumbered by that large of a ratio, but also playing the supporting cast role and doing so proudly. We were simply there for support and regardless of if we knew it or not we were really playing a major role in the success of our women.

Supporting someone doesn't always have to be active and hands on. I once thought that in order to support my woman in her business I had to help her set up appointments, or help balance the books, but I was totally wrong. I have offered to do so before but honestly she does that all by herself and I think that's the way she prefers it to be. My role of support is simply being that foundation. I don't necessarily need to do anything other than her knowing that I'm on her side and that if things go south I'm there to hold her up. If you're sports fan, you'll often hear the phrase that you know an umpire or referee is doing a good job when you hardly notice that they're present. This goes the same for a good supporter.

 I know this because as I was on my journey of becoming a professional trader she played the same role for me. She never complained about anything whether it was me working late at night, waking up early in the morning, or jumping out of bed every four hours to check stuff (oh those silly days).  She still doesn't understand what I do 100% but you know what, she doesn't have to.  She knows just enough to keep me focused when things get bad and really that's all I need.

We talk a lot on this site about taking leaps of faith and stuff like that. Well let me ask you this, would you feel more comfortable taking that leap knowing if you fall you may hit the ground? Or would you rather take that leap knowing that if you fall you have a bunch of people waiting to catch you and stand you back on your feet.  In order to grow a person has to take their own journey and have their own successes and failures to learn from. Support simply allows them to have the guts to do so.

Thank you to all of the supporters out there. Even if you feel like you aren't doing me you are.  This is The Royalty Movement

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