In this piece I will us the human anatomy as my analogy to get me point across to why the CORE is vital to success.

As some may know from a piece I wrote previously titled "Don't Take It For Granite" I hurt my back really bad and needed to seek medical attention.  As I was going through the physical therapy treatment I realized if I had a strong CORE I would not be in this situation.

The CORE is the balanced development of the deep and superficial muscles that stabilize, align, and move the trunk of the body, especially the abdominals and muscles of the back. CORE strength goes beyond the surface muscles and asks us to utilize our deep internal muscles to maintain stability in motion.  The CORE is the most important group of muscles in the body and if neglected can cause injury which in turn is a setback.

With that being said it was the fact I had weak CORE surrounding the larger muscles that lead to my injury.  I hope you follow me on this…

In life you have one world in which you live in.  Since I can only speak from my personal experiences my world has been planted with a great supporting cast of people from family, friends, coworkers, teachers, mentors, coaches and more.  The groups I just referred to are my CORE.  I have strong supporting people in my world which allows for me to venture out and try new things without fear of failure because I have the supporting cast around me.  Failure is a part of success without failure success does not exist.

The CORE is beyond the human eye, one will never be able to see the CORE because is internal so all you see is the product on the outside.  Sometimes what we see on the outside can be misleading, take me for example to the human eye one may see a young African American male but people do not know what has contributed to make me who I am nor do they know who I am.  Little do people recognize until learning about me I am an educated, intellectual, well spoken and mannered self motivated individual who mentors youth working in higher education…it’s the CORE who assist in my creation. 

 Team Royalty is just that “The CORE” we are a group of individuals who are out to promote positivity, inspiration and motivation.  We are the supporting cast here to help all who want to be inspired, up lifted and/or motivated.  I owe my all my successes and accomplishments to the CORE because without this group of individuals I would not be where I am today!                                

Thanks for listening to my story
2/2/2011 01:41:22 am

I really enjoyed your post. After getting a chance to re-read it this morning I was able to really think about what you were saying in more depth. You are dead on about the core and it relating to a support system. In a way it's very similar to insurance in a way. It's a "Just In Case" a back up plan. No different than an All Pro quaterback or running back who makes great plays but would be nothing without they're linemen. Having that strong core allows you to take chances. And taking chances are the key to success in anything you do in life. "If you're scared to leap, then you will never land" -P A recent example is the Black History month idea you had. You came up with a great idea that got shot down at first try. However, I'm sure you talked to a lot of people you are close to and they all told you not to give up and keep fighting, which you did. Now look at the results. Having that support system (Strong Core) allowed you to take that leap, knowing that if you missed your mark we would be there to catch you and help you back up. Plus Ladies Love a strong core. Abs of steel baby!

2/2/2011 02:38:26 am

Akil, I am glad you were able to connect with my story. Your comments hit the nail on the head, I like your quote "If you're scared to leap you will never land" that really hit home.


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