My trip to Triple Threat headquarters was a lot of fun. The only problem that I had is that it ended to early.  Due to another obligation I had to be in Colorado by Thursday afternoon which meant I had to leave Kansas City almost directly after the Live Room closed.  However before I packed up I did have some unfinished business that I had to attend to and that was beating either Darren, Todd or Matt in a game of P.I.P.S. If you've ever played any basketball then you're probably familiar with the game of horse. Well think of pips as a shortened game of horse on a mini basketball hoop in the office.  I was getting my behind whooped all week and was determined to get some vengeance before I left. (Sigh) Although this didn't happen I did end with a few respectable performances and most importantly didn't have to serve time on the "Shake Weight" (if you want an explanation just let me know). 

Seriously though, when I first arrived Jason and I sat down to have a talk about future goals.  At the time I had a broad idea of what I wanted to do but that was about it. This bothered me a bit because we've had this conversation in the past and in all honesty I should have had something more detailed planned out. Before leaving I did have a chance to run some more ideas by him and they ended up being something that he was interested in. This was good to hear, but I also knew that I was slacking and needed to put a lot more thought into what I want to make out of my future. My future is something I think about often, especially when I have a lot of time to myself and since I had a two hour flight to Denver followed by a two hour drive to Pueblo, I had plenty of this time available.  As I often do, I proceeded to write down every idea I had until something good came out of it. That's been my brainstorming technique ever since I was a little kid. I was never the guy that was afraid to have a stupid idea, I would just shoot out idea after idea after idea out until somebody would "hey that's a good one." Think of it like this. If you're shooting at a target and have a thousand bullets or arrows at your disposal, if you just shoot the general there's a good chance that at least one of those thousand shots will hit the target. And at this point if bullets were ideas, I literally had about a thousand. 

I believe that every once in a while we need to do something that gives us that spark and ignites our flame. I'm a very motivated person by nature simply because I'm a hardcore competitor and look at life as a competition that I want to win. However it's hard to have that fire all of the time. Being a trader makes it even harder since most of us are alone during our trading day.  One thing that does motivate me is seeing and talking to other successful people, and although I do have some very successful and well off people that I talk to on a consistent basis, the type of motivation that I received from meeting with the T2t team was a lot different. My uncle is a well off individual that came from nothing to being a very well known name in the music industry. He is a very humble person and if you ever saw him you wouldn't think for a minute that he is worth how much he is worth. However, when I do see him (which isn't too often) I pay close attention to what he has and the life that he created and tell myself "I want that life" which motivates me. This is the same feeling I got when in KC, yet the motivation factor was even stronger because I know that I have a similar set of skills as they do.  Because of this I have no excuses for not achieving that same life.  So to me instead of it being just a dream or a thought, I can actually see the end result of what I've been working for and that makes me more hungry for success than. For three days I had a taste, now it's time to go after the full meal. 
Nuno Leitão
6/5/2012 04:22:15 am

Well, if nobody asks, i will... WTF is "Shake Weight" yeah yeah im the foreigner that im not used to those "private" jokes :)

Akil Stokes
6/5/2012 04:54:00 am

Its this stupid thing somebody created over here. Basically a dumbell that you can shake back and forth to get a workout. It's pretty painfull though

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