Life has became a lot more interesting since I started operating the Live Room for Triple Threat Trading. Don't get me wrong, my life was plenty interesting before that, but I have been making a lot of new connections as of late.  I started this website back in late 2010 and have made many buddies based of the fact that they liked my writing and were on a similar type of journey as myself.  Add those buddies to the ones that I have now gained by running the Live Room and I have an abundance of friends that are in the same field as myself and it feels great.

Yesterday I talked to a trader over the phone, who simply wanted to chat because, well let's be honest, talking trading is often a hard thing to do. In many cases either  the people we talk to know next to nothing about trading, and/or don't trade the same way.  That's what I like most about meeting traders in the live room. Most of us trade the exact same way which allows us to have some pretty good discussions without any arguments breaking out.  What's interesting is that many of the people in the room remind me of how I was just a few years ago when I was on the other side of the projector. Everything from the questions that are asked, to the psychological issues that some are having are a mirror image of my experience in Jason's live room.  

Speaking of mirror images, I had a very interesting meeting during my lunch break  today. My good friend and writer for this site Devon Rembert (If you haven't checked out his Motivational Monday Posts you're missing out) said he knew a student that was interested in meeting me. Honestly, I wasn't sure why I mean, well I'm just me, but I agreed.  When I met up with this student he said that he was thinking about becoming an entrepreneur and simply wanted to ask me a few questions about what I do and what led me down that path. We ended up having a pretty good conversation and when everything was all wrapped up I realized that just a few years ago it was me in that seat meeting my mentor for the first time having the exact same conversation. 

It's funny how thing come around full circle, only they don't. Just because I have became a so called mentor to a few people doesn't mean that all of a sudden I can't be mentored. I still have mentors that I talk to on a consistent basis and the only thing that has changed has been the conversation. Instead of asking questions and trying to figure out how to get started, I now ask questions about what's the next step.  Recently my trading mentor Jason Stapleton started a Mastermind Program for his company and one of the reason's is so he has a bunch of minds to thinking of ideas that can eventually make his company better. The point his we never stop learning I guess.  Although we grow a lot in life and in what we do, we must never settle and always gear ourselves towards that next step. 

Ted Stieghorst
5/3/2012 02:19:22 am

What a blessing it is and also humbling to be able to positively impact other peoples lives.By passing on what you have learned from Jason has inspired me also to look for avenues of assisting other traders in their journey as well. Even if that just telling them about Triple Threat Trading. So here's to you Akil, very well done!


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