You should know by now that one of my favorite sayings is that "I only believe people fail because they give up before they get the chance to succeed." To me the word failure is an end all, meaning that you can be down, or losing your entire life, but you haven't failed until you have completely given up and told yourself that you're not going to try anymore.  The past year has been a major struggle for me and it seems that as each month progresses the struggle gets harder and harder.  Not necessarily in my day to day adventures but just by me knowing that financially I am running out of time. I have been blessed with having great money management skills. Actually let me take that back, I have worked hard my entire life to develop great money management skills. So when I decided venture off on my own I calculated precisely how much time I would be able to survive before being forced to re-enter the workforce performing duties that I don't enjoy.  As each day passes I get closer and closer to that date and the closer its gets, the more my internal frustration builds. Not because I hate working, ask anybody, I have been grinding my entire life. More-so the fact that having a job that I don't enjoy would significantly hinder my ability to pursue my dreams. 

With that being said I feel as if I'm almost at the point where everything is about to turn around for the better.  I feel as if I've been tested enough and have proven my dedication to my craft and now it's time to cash in.  So far this has been a really good month for me trading wise and if you've been following my posts I kind of called it a while ago.  With that being said, I am still a far ways way from my goal. And needless to say the haters, non-believers and discouragers are still out there.... and I love it.  I strive on proving people.  Hopefully I'll soon be on a path where I can do so. 

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