In advance I want to apologize for not being able to make this post as deep as I wanted to but I have a busy day lined up so I had to rush writing and editing this post. However I wanted to get something somewhat meaningful out before the weekend hits. Thanks and enjoy.

This post was inspired by today's quote of the day from (all time great football coach) Vince Lombardi who said: "Winning is not a sometime thing; it's an all time thing. You don't win once in a while, you don't do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. Winning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing." To me this quote deals a lot more than just competing on an athletic team, but rather to me it's more of like a life code. I interpreted this quote as meaning, you should always try and do the right thing no matter what the situation. Now the words "right thing" shouldn't be defined by your friends, family, or society in general. Rather the "right thing" deals with your own personal morals. Here is a recent example which involved myself. Last week I was at a track meet and I noticed an elderly woman struggling to make it down the stadium steps. I was having a conversation with a colleague of my and immediately exited to assist this women in getting to the bottom. A few people were shocked at my actions, but to me this was nothing out of the ordinary. It was a habit that I had developed and wasn't a big deal at all to me.  This mindset is no different from if you ask Kobe Bryant how he feels about winning a basketball win. I don't know Kobe personally but he'll probably respond saying something like "we were suppose to win."  When you have the correct "winning attitude" it allows you to be content with the small victories while keeping focused on the bigger picture.

It seems to me that too many people set their goals or standards too low. Goals should be obtainable but they shouldn't be too easy, unless you already have the next goal in mind. I saw an example of this the other day while I was out running some errands. While in a store I saw a man that just looked so defeated and un happy to be where he was at. Now who knows he could have just been having a bad day, or something tragic may have happened to him, but he simply looked like he was content with surviving and making it to the next day. I'm not knocking survival mode at all, as that's what I'm in right now. The difference is while he seemed content with his situation, I am not. Again, I didn't know this guy personally, but I'm sure we all have seen or know people that fit this same example.

The point is, if you make "winning" or "progression" a habit and a mental attitude instead of just something you try to do every once in a while, you will ultimately see brighter things in your future. Whether it be becoming a better person, or reaching your career goals, you will learn to never get comfortable and always shoot for that next thing.

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