As the title depicts today was another good day in the Live Trading Room. With that being said it could have been better. Well, at least for me it could have been. Unlike most days we started off the day getting involved in a trade right on the open of the room. EURUSD had formed a nice little area of consolidation and the market was showing that it was having trouble breaking through that level. Therefore, after one more retest (to give us a proper risk/reward ratio) we got in. Minutes later we had a retest of structure on the USDCHF so we executed that trade as well.  Both of these trades went on to hit targets 1 & 2 giving us some nice profit. Later in the day we enter a EURJPY trade which lost, giving me the feeling that the EURJPY has a personal grudge against me since that's the 4th losing trade on that pair. lol Just kidding. I hold no grudges against the market...with the exception of USDJPY.  Any since the 2 winners banked us 105 pips of profit, the measly 30pips (combined position) loss on the EURJPY didn't even bother the traders in the room. 

Now back to that mistake I made. When setting my target on the EURUSD, I set my limit orders to take out the full position instead of half by accident. Therefore while others went on to bank 28 on target 1 and 43 on target 2, I had to sit there and watch. Hey, nobodies perfect, but its something I wrote down so i won't do it again. Later in the day we identified a potential aggressive C sell on the EURUSD but I personally didn't get filled. See you guys tomorrow for the NON FARMS (Dun Dun Duuuuuuuuunnnnnnnn) 

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