Have you ever been frustrated, mad, angry, disturbed, lonely or bored while trading? If so, then you're in the wrong place. Like yourself I have experienced many of these feeling, but since I started running the Live Trading Room al that has changed.  I bring this up because today was one of the most exciting trading days I've had yet. Maybe it was the coffee, maybe it was the fact that it was a Friday, who knows. All I know is it was fun and I personally didn't enter a single trade. Although I didn't enter any trades in today's session, we did identify a bunch, they just didn't get filled.  There were also two other trades that I couldn't get involved in due to a few strict rules that I follow, that ended up being two multiple target winners. Those in the room that did take those trades made an easy 120 pips while enjoying some pretty good conversation.

This conversation that I mentioned comes from the multiple questions that are asked throughout the three hour session. Every once in a while we get some traders in the room that are brand new to the Ratio based style of trading that I use. Therefore I often get a lot of questions that not only help the rookie traders out, but refresh my own skills. After all, if there is one thing that I learned from being a coach, it's that there is a big difference between knowing something and being able to teach it to others.  It's also great to be able to watch a trader progress throughout their time in the room. I've only been doing this since January, but I've had traders that have gone from asking the simplest questions about an AB=CD pattern, to typing in a message that looking like this: Hey Akil, looks like we have a potential bullish gartley on the USDCAD 1hr at an 78.6 aggressive C buy."

If there is one constant in my life, it's been that I have always gotten pleasure from helping others and this is exactly why I love moderating this room. I'm also aware that a few years ago I was on the other side of the screen while my mentor and now friend Jason Stapleton provided the same service for me.  One of the best things a young trader can have is a chance to just sit and watch somebody trade live day in and day out. Not only does it help fine tune your skills but it also allows you to build confidence as you begin to see similar setups.

It was almost 2 full years ago when I made the decision to become serious about trading.  And with the International Trader Workshop starting in a few days, I'm really excited for the opportunity that an entire flock of traders (new and old) are going to get.  I'll be running my room the entire week, so the workshop won't have my full attention, but hopefully I'll be given the chance to work with those who make the decision to continue their education in the field of trading. 

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