I would categorize this past week as being one of the more interesting weeks in my trading career. For those who are new to my site, this week was start of the Triple Threat Trading (T2T) Live Ratio Room. We stared the week off with over 700 people joining us for our introduction presentation on Monday and kept about 450-600 people in the room for the thee days that I traded live. Less than an hour ago we topped it off with a great presentation on trading psychology from guest speaker BJ Nash. Talking to Jason and just going off of the feedback we have received I would say that this first week of our two week trial run was a BIG SUCCESS! Not only did the room run smoothly (with the exception of a few issues with the projector), but the people in the room were amazing. Lots of intelligent questions, nobody was out to make me look bad or really question my position, and most of all I could tell that the majority of people in the room were hungry and really ready to learn. This was great for me to see because about two years ago I was on the other side and was one of those hungry people. So each time I get a compliment or hear a really good question it really reminds me of myself and where I stared at.  

The room is suppose to act as a support for traders that are just starting out and want to see how they can related their newly learned skills into the live market and I believe that having that support system is just as important as learning the initial skills. I remember that when I first started trading, I knew what strategy I wanted to trade and I knew how to correctly analyze the market, but I still got very nervous before executing trades.  However, when spending some time in Jason's free training or live rooms I was able to gain confidence when I saw that his analysis matched up with mine.  I believe that confidence is key in trading and the quicker you can grow it, the better trader you will become.  Hopefully, i'll be able to help some of the members of the room gain that confidence in their trading.

With that being said, I'm looking forward to FREE week number 2. We started off the first week with a bang wining 5 out of 7 trades (with 1 scratch) for about 190 total pips. Do I expect to continue winning 80% of the time? No. It would be great if I could but I would be fine with winning 60%. But to have a week like that from the jump is pretty good, that way the people in the room don't have to deal with the psychological difficulties of dealing with a drawdown. I think it is needed at somepoint to gain mental toughness, but I'd rather make money lol. See you guys next week.

If you want to check out the T2T Live Ratio Trading Room we still have 1 free week left. Join us Tues- Thurs 8am NY time fro Live trading and on Friday at 8am NY time to hear Jason Stapleton speak about the training opportunities that he offers.  http://www.triplethreattrading.com/protraderroom 

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