Last Saturday I left for South Carolina for a training trip with the Track & Field team that I coach. Maybe I was being a little naive but when planning for week-long trip I assumed that my trading wouldn't be affected. After all I was bringing my laptop with me which had the same charting package as I use at home on it, and I was also bringing a copy of my trading plan and  a notebook to take notes in (instead of using my whiteboards) Even before we arrived at the house I discovered that I was ever wrong. I had many set backs on this trip, but at the end of the day I think I came out a better trader. Over the next few days I will go over the many issues and challenges that I faced during this adventure.  I have created a 5 part series to keep you entertained this week that I think is well worth reading for any trader that may be on the road and some point or another. Trust me this week was a big eye opener for me, but I am happy that I went through it because I now know how to better prepare for the next time. I hope you enjoy this series and be on the lookout for Part 2 (The Network) coming tomorrow!

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