Early Monday morning I left for an annual convention that was hosted in San Antonio Texas.  This was my 3rd consecutive year attending this convention so I had a pretty good idea of the event schedule and knew that I would have limited time to trade.  My goal was to wake up early and get a few hours of day trading in before the symposiums began and then whenever I had some free time take a look at some longer term charts. Unfortunately I did not get the chance to do either. Other than watching about half of Jason Stapleton's Forex Market Preview, I did not see another chart the entire week.  At first this was a little upsetting because I knew that this week was basically the last legit trading week of the year before the Holidays begin so I was hoping to get a little more action in, but as the week went on I thought to myself that this could in fact be a blessing in disguise since trading in this situation would have put me out of my routine which could have been a negative.  I've had times in the past where I tried to rush my trading and it never ended well, so I decided it would be best just  to take a week off and focus on what I was at the convention for.

With trading being shut down for the most part for the remainder of the year, I like to use this time to get some behind the scenes work done. This means going back through charts and working on sharpening my recognition skills as well as back testing on another system I would like to work into my portfolio called the "Big Mo" (you can check it out at http://www.triplethreattrading.com/) My goal is to have a 4 market portfolio using that system and cut down the pairs I swing trade from 22 to between 9-12 or 16 max. This way I can concentrate a little more on each individual pair as well as not have to worry about contrasting signals since I'm a Counter Trent Trader and the "Big Mo" is a trend following system.  So that's my homework assignment for the holiday break.

On another note, during my seminar I got a lot of work done on a 6 part series I'm releasing next week titled The House: Your Blueprint To Success. I'm pretty excited about this because I've never written this much before, but I think it will be pretty interesting. I may even post the Preface today or this weekend. Hopefully that will keep you guys entertained while the trading is slow.  Enjoy your weekend.

-Akil @IambusinessTR

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