With today looking like it will be a rather slow day (at least for my trading system), instead of hunting around the market for something to trade I'm going to simply continue to work on my side projects in the market. Although I have a system that works, I am always asking myself "how can I get better". I live my life by the Japanese word "Kaizen" which means continuous improvement. And I have on wall the symbol of that word followed by a question asking myself "How can I become more efficient today?" Since I'm not a market expert that understands every single mathematical equation that goes into every indicator, I am always reading or watching video so I can understand them more. I have a good understanding of how each indicator works and how to use it. However I want to be able to make adjustments to the parameters in order to have the indicator work more efficiently of the particular market and time frame that I'm trading. So pretty much I use a lot of trial and error. Last night I was doing some reading, and a light switch went off in my head about a new strategy I should try out. So that's what I've been doing all night and all of this morning so far. Of course I'm not trading it with real money, rather I am just looking through the market adjusting it here and there and writing my rules for how I will use it. Once I settle on my rules then I will go ahead and back test it. After I back test it (assuming it meets my requirements, which I spoke about in another post) then I will trade it with real money. I know, I know, it's a long process, but it's also a safe one. And in this profession safe always trumps sorry.  Also this system isn't going to be used to replace my current system if you were wondering. Simply something to supplement it on more of a long term basis. 

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