Like Tuesday today was another slow trading day in the live room. During the 3 hour period in which it operates I was only able to get entered in a single trade. What?! 3 hours, 8 pairs, and only 1 trade? What are you thinking Akil? I'm thinking "stick to your plan, and trade only the opportunities that fit into it." So that's exactly what I did.  Less than an hour into the session I noticed a trade that I missed due to me being caught up talking about some other longer term stuff. Fortunately, the market gave us another opportunity to get involved and we were able to take advantage.  We stayed in this single trade nearly the entire class period bouncing up and down before finally reaching our first target with about 15 minutes to go.  Because we missed our original fill we only gained 17 pips of profit on target 1, but for those who trailed their stops correctly and hung in there for the full ride, we were able to collect another 46 pips on the second target. Aside from that there were know other trades that we got filled on. We had a few limit orders set on a day-trade (which would have been stopped out for break even) & a swing trade (that would have profited pretty nicely). Unfortunately the market didn't quite get us filled on our entries, missing by a few pips on 1 and being on finished our day-trading hours on another. Anyway it was another good day for two reasons. First of all we didn't lose any money, and secondly we added 63 more pips to our account putting us close to 300 for the past 9 days.  We'll see if we can keep this pace up tomorrow. See you guys in the Live Room. 

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