One of my many flaws (and I mean many) when i first started trading was the need to bounce around from system to system.  Whenever I would learn a new system or method, I would try it out until it hit hard times.  As soon as I got a few losers in a row I would tell myself "man this system doesn't work" and go searching for the next one.  What i didn't realize at the time was that it wasn't the system that was failing, it was me.  I was failing to follow through with what I was taught and because of that I would eventually fail.  I look at it like this, has Tom Brady ever thrown an interception in a game? Of course. After throwing that interception does he then quit and look for a new way to get the ball down the field or does he keep on throwing, knowing that a positive outcome is likely to occur based on past performances? I can use the same example swapping Tom Brady for Micheal Jordan having a shooting slump.  Great athletes have a method and a routine that works, and when it hits a slump they don't just quit on it, they follow through knowing that it will ultimately yield them a positive outcome.  

I bring this topic up because recently I feel as if I have been trading pretty well.  My numbers still aren't where I want them to be, but I've found a system that i'm comfortable with, I've been following all of my rules, and I just feel that it's simply a matter of time before things turn around in a big way.  However, recently I was approached with a new system from a professional trader.  This trader has had impressive results with this system and he has been walking me and a group of others through the details and rules of engagement over the past week and a half. Me a year ago would have scrapped everything that I have been working on and jumped 100% onto this new system. But the me now is mentally in a good place with what i'm doing so the temptation is much less.  Instead of thinking about dumping what I'm doing for this new system, I know that I'm not scrapping my current method of trading and I'm thinking of a way that I can use this new system to supplement my current style.  

I thought of this today and it made me realize how far I've come as a trader on the psychological level (which is the most important part).  I am no longer doubting my skills and running towards those with more experience. I am embracing them and my confidence as a trader is growing. Confidence is power. And if you've been a frequent viewer of this site, then you all know my views on POWER.

Thank you guys!

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