After a slow start to the week, yesterday was a great day as far as confidence goes. Swing trading wise, I see nothing out there and I'm in no rush to find something. Especially with the luck we've been having in the markets lately. But my day trading system performed pretty well yesterday. Yesterday I took four trades and won two of them which means I finished the day in the black.  Again, the way I set up my system is that when I win, the profit is always more than the drawdown when I lose. So basically, as long as I'm 50% on my W/L I will come out profitable. With that being said I don't just trade any pair a lot of back-testing was involved. But thats a story for another time. 

One of the tools that helped me stay on track is having a daily routine. Working from home is difficult because there are tons of temptation out there. Food, TV, entertainment, just to name a few.  Plus since I don't have to drive to work my bed often calls my name. My key to success has been setting up a work schedule as if i was working for another. I have a specific wake up time, and to make a long story short I have about every hour of my day planned out. It may seem small but humans are creatures of habit and If I can install good work habits, I personally feel more professional. 

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