So today was our first day-trading day of the week in the live room. The 2 week free trial was over so I was very excited to see who would be joining me in the room today.  We had over 100 people of various trading experience which was pretty cool. This shows me, that some were in the class to supplement what they were learning through Jason's Pro-Trader course, some were there to gain some trading experience and turn around their personal accounts, and some traders were strictly there because they liked the feeling of being in a room with another trader that looks at the market the same as they do. 

On the actual trading side of things today was pretty slow. There were only two trading calls made and I personally only entered one of them due to an existing trade on the other pair. Again, do to my experience in trading I've learned how to deal with these days and not chase trades. I could tell that a few people int he room were getting a little anxious, but for the most part everybody kept their calm. As I write this I'm watching the youtube video that I posted on the homepage and he is talking about the same thing, patience and waiting for only the best setups to trade. Or as he said "waiting until the money is sitting there on the table waiting for you to take it." Using this mindset has helped my trading a bunch. Yes I enter a lot less trades, but on the positive side I have become a lot more efficient and more profitable.  See you guys tomorrow, and hopefully we'll get some more action. 

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