If you've been following me then you're aware that I've been involved in a few trades for a few weeks now. Well on Sunday, I was finally closed out of one for profit. This was a really mentally tough trade to sit through because throughout the course of two weeks it went from down 50pips to being up almost 100pips, to being sucked all the way back to a small draw-down before finally ending with a profit. This was a true test of my mental discipline and it paid off. It hurt a lot to watch it go from a big profit, back to zero but sitting through it, gave me confidence to sit through the next trade that takes the same course. It's kind of like that saying won't doesn't kill you makes your stronger. Being a runner, I think of it as doing that hard workout that kicks your butt, but then being able to come out the next time and pushing further than you did the last time. 



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