I apologize for not posting in a while but the past few weeks haven't been too good. Car problems aside, my biggest hardship was losing my internet connection for a good five days. At first I was extremely upset and frustrated, but as I was forced to deal with it, it began to appear like more of a blessing in disguise.

Early last week I wrote a short post on how I was dealing with a pretty bad losing streak. Although I never entertained any thoughts of quitting on my trading, or changing systems, I did notice a change in my mental state towards the market. As mentioned in the past, I look at my trading in the market strictly by numbers and percentages meaning that if I have a long losing streak, then I fully expect some wins to come soon in order to even things out (and vice versa). Because of this thinking, I felt myself over analyzing the market due to the fact that I felt like a win was on its way.  I don't want to go as far as saying that I was revenge trading (because I was still following my rules), but I felt myself digging really hard to find trades instead of just waiting for the obvious signals.  It was at that moment when I lost my internet connection.

Thinking everything would be fixed by the next day, I decided to get away from my computer and do something fun. I proceeded to do the same throughout the remainder of the week and it really became like a personal vacation.  I wasn't checking charts, I wasn't back-testing, I didn't even have a chance to check trading underground. My mind was totally away from the market and it felt great.  When I got the internet connection fixed that weekend, I felt like I had a brand new perspective on the market. Charts began to look clearer than they did earlier that week and I felt like I had a brand new energy and drive to trade the market.

We all come across times when the market frustrates us. And for those who trade on a daily basis, we can also become consumed by the market if we never take a break. Taking some time off and not worrying about missing trades can be a great benefit to both your trading and your lively hood. Not only doesn't it give you a chance to have fun and enjoy the benefits of life, but it also allows you to gain new perspective on the markets and have a brand new energy towards trading them.  Think of a time where you went on a vacation, or a business trip and you were away from your family, best friends, or any loved ones for a while. How much more excited were you to see them when you returned? This is how I felt about finally getting my charts back. 

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