Decisions, decisions, decisions. As you know I've been back testing a new strategy that I've been working on. So far it has been profitable for the most part. The problem is that throughout the year I've noticed that I have to deal with a lot of losing trades in a row. Eventually I big winner comes along that clears up all of the draw down and puts me in the black. So you ask yourself, if I'm in the black then what is the issue? The issue is that, even though I know the system is profitable, will i be able to stomach loser after loser after loser. That is the part that I'm having trouble with. I would love to give you a conclusion to my decision but I honestly don't know.  It's easy to say i can do it now, but when the actual money is on the table and I'm losing hundred after hundred in a row, will i be able to wait it out for the big winner?  We'll have to wait and see.

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