This is a hard topic for me to write about because I'm honestly still on the fence on where I stand on this issue.  I am a technical trader that looks at every chart individual and not in the bigger scheme of things. For example, if I see a trade set up that has me looking short on the EUR/USD that doesn't mean that I'm bearish on the Euro as a whole just that one particular pair. However yesterday I had an interesting set-up. I was short in the EURUSD from a few days earlier but I was also long in the GBPUSD.  At first I was thinking to myself "Ok, worst case, one will lose and the other will win. best case, one will win while the other retraces, then rally and I'll two winners."  But the more I sat in the trade the more uncomfortable I felt being in both going opposite direction. And the actually chart setups wern't helping be out as far as confidence went either. So I decided that just to stay sane I had to exit one of the trades.  Since the EURUSD trade was placed first and had a wider profit target (and was already in good position) I decided to exit the GBPUSD trade. The original target was about  50pips of profit and I exited with about 20pips, but the key was that I was not comfortable again. I was taught that you gut feeling is right the majority of the time so I went with it. Even if the trade (which was an eventual loser) had rallied the other way, I was ok with that, because I felt calm again as a trader. As my mentor said yesterday "You'll soon learn that breaking even in this business, is just as good as a win." 



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