Not much to talk about today. I entered 2 trades that are bouncing around from red to black, so we'll see how they end up. One thing I did notice was that I exited a trade way to early last week. I know that hind sight is 20/20 but I made an impulsive move by exiting in the first place. I was in a bullish trade on the USD/CHF a week ago and the trade had been going great. I was in the profit area and even if price reversed and hit my trail stops I would still have a good profit. At a point where price action started to slow a friend brought to my attention a sell opportunity.  After looking at it for a short period of time I decided to take profits and reverse my position. Then of course the price keeps shooting up and up and up. Another lesson well learned. Because of this I have made it my number 1 rule to stop making impulsive decisions. I feel like a baseball player swinging at every pitch instead of waiting for the perfect one to hit. I remember an old coach of mine telling me that "not every pitch that will be called a strike is a pitch you want to swing at".  Wait for the opportunity that fits you the best and take advantage of that opportunity the best you can. Quality over quantity.  

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