The cool thing about trading for me is that not only do I see it as a way to achieve financial freedom and fulfill my entrepreneurial desires but it's also something that I just flat out I love to do. During my work hours trading is my business and I treat it as such. i have a strict plan that I follow and I try as hard as I can not to deviate from my daily routine by getting sidetracked. However,t when I'm off I still enjoy playing around with different charts and indicators as sort of a hobby.  Yes I am a trading nerd, I except it and am proud of it. 

Today while playing around with some of the different tools I stumbled upon something that seemed to work very efficiently. Now I won't know if this is something that I can actually use during my business hours until I go through my entire testing process, but it's a start. It seems that the best things, or ideas often come to me when I am not trying to look for them. This was the case when I used to write poetry, play sports, edit music and has now carried over to my trading. 

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