For those who have been following me you know that I try to live my life by one main rule "Kaizen" or continuous improvement.  Just like everybody else on this planet I make mistakes. However, I never try to make the exact same mistake twice and that's what allows me to slowly improve in what I do. On June 15th I wrote a post called "Protection vs. Prevention" that talked about a trade situation that I faced which (in brief) I set my stops to close and ended up getting stopped on a trade would have awarded me profit. If you would like more details you can look back in the archives to read the piece in its entirety, but I faced a very similar situation last night.  At first I was about to make the same mistake, but then I had a flashback of the previous trade and I went ahead and adjusted it accordingly.

There's not much more to this post, but I just wanted to follow up on a well learned lesson. I posted a chart on both pieces so you can view the comparison. 


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